Classroom's Ask a Question feature allows teachers to ask, manage, and grade discussions within Classroom. Students only get to provide one answer per question.

Creating a question

Creating a question for students to answer is very easy. Just select the "+" at the lower right side of the screen and choose "Create question".


You will enter a title for your question and add a optional description of what you are looking for in students answers. You can also choose to have a due date or not. Not having a due date or providing a date far out in advance would give students a chance to add comments throughout the school year. Like an announcement or an assignment, you can also add materials to your question to help guide students' answers.

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After you click the ASK button, you are presented with two options for students.

  1. If you want students to only leave their answers for your eyes only, uncheck the option to allow students to see each other's answers.
  2. Also, you can allow students to edit their answers after they click submit from their Classroom page.

Both of these options can be changed after submitting your question.

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What students see


  1. After student submits their comment to the question, they will see a green checkmark
  2. The student will see what they wrote as an answer
  3. They are provided a link to see their classmates answers. If you allow students to reply to other student's answers, this link will allow them to see their classmates answers.
  4. If you allow students to edit their answers, this button will be visible.

Reviewing student answers

After you post your question, it will look just like the assignment or announcement types with the title of your question, the link to any materials, and the count of how many students have answered and not answered the question. Just like reviewing student assignments, you will see a similar screen for reviewing student answers.


  1. Add a grade, if desired, for the student's answer.
  2. This is the student's answer to your question.
  3. View any replies by other students on this student's answer. You can also add your own comments to a student's answer for other students to see.
  4. Use the RETURN button to give students their scores.

This has been a review of how to use the "Ask a Question" feature in Google Classroom. This option is a great way to getting feedback, reflecting, or using exit-tickets. For more ideas of the types of discussions you can use in Google Classroom with your students, check out this post.