When a student clicks the title of the assignment or the Open button, they are taken to a page where they can turn in their work.


  1. The details of the assignment. Includes, the title, details, and any attachments associated with the assignment.
  2. The list of any files the student is turning in.
  3. The Add dropdown gives students a chance to upload their work from Drive, provide a link to their work, or upload any type of file from their computer.
  4. The Create dropdown allows a student to create a Doc, Slide, Sheet, or Drawing. Choosing this option creates those document types with the title of the assignment and the student's name.
  5. Students may leave a private comment that only the teacher can see and respond to. Teachers will get a notification when a student leaves a comment.
  6. When the student has turn in their work, a green checkmark and the word Done will appear here.
  7. Students use this button to turn in their work.

When students click the Turn in button, they are shown exactly what they are about to submit as their work.

Screenshot 2015-11-24 at 10.52.08 AM

After turning in their work, students can unsubmit their work if they made a mistake and submitted the incorrect file(s). However, as soon as students turn in their work, they are no longer owners of their document. The teachers become the owner until the work is returned to students.


  1. The score, if any, the student received on their assignment.
  2. The notification that the student's work has been returned to them.
  3. The Resubmit button allows a student to submit work again. This could be used for students who need to make corrections or to turn in draft work.

The student view and assignment workflow is exactly the same on both the web and in the mobile app.