If you find content on the web that you would like to share with your students in Google Classroom, you can use the "Share with Classroom" Chrome extension. It is installed by default if you are signed into Chrome with your FCS Google account.

Clicking this icon  sharetoclassroom next to your address bar in Chrome will give you a listing of all of your classes.

share with classroom list

Each class listed has an arrow for you choose what you would like to create for your Classroom. You can Make an announcementCreate an assignment, or Push the site you are on to students. To share a webpage, click Push to students > Push. The webpage instantly appears in the browsers of all active students and co-teachers in the class. Push to students only works when students also have the Share to Classroom extension installed which means this feature does not work on an iPad.

Create details

If you are making an assignment or an announcement, it works exactly the same as if you are creating the assignment on classroom.google.com.

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