On a computer

There are several ways to share a video on YouTube. To get started, start watching a video and click Share  under the video. Three tabs will open with different sharing options: 

  • Share: In this tab, you’ll see a link that you can copy and paste somewhere else, like in an email message. Start at: To link to a specific part of the video, check this box and enter the start time before you copy the link. For example, to start the video  at 2 minutes and 30 seconds, check the box and enter “2:30”.
  • Social networks: Click on a social network icon (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) to share the video there.
  • Embed: This tab provides code to embed the video on a website.
  • Email: YouTube will send an email to the email address(es) you enter. If the recipient doesn’t receive the video, ask them to check their social network folder, spam folder, or add noreply@youtube.com to their address book and filter exception list.

On an iPad

Share and chat about YouTube videos with your friends directly in the YouTube mobile app. You can share with individual contacts or you can select multiple contacts to start a private group to share and chat about YouTube videos. 

To share a video:

  1. Tap Share  below the video.
  2. Make sure that the box next to “Share as <your name>” is checked.
  3. Add an optional message to say something about the video. 
  4. Select recipient(s) from your YouTube “Contacts” or “You may know” section. 
  5. Tap Send  .  

When you share a video with your “Contacts”, they can chat with you privately and share other videos. To view your shared videos, go to the Shared tab 

When you share a video with someone “"You may know”, they'll receive an invitation to connect with you. However, they won't see your shared video until they accept the invitation. Learn more about how to add YouTube Contacts and start sharing! 

Share videos on other mobile apps

You can share a link to a YouTube video on other apps on your mobile device: 

  1. Tap Share  below the video.
  2. Select the mobile app where you want to share the video or copy the video link. 

To send a link that shows that the video is shared from your YouTube channel, leave “Share as <your name>” checked. This will allow people who view your shared video to connect with you on YouTube.

Delete a shared link

You can delete a video link that you have shared inside of the YouTube app.

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Tap the Shared tab .
  3. Tap link that you'd like to delete.
  4. Tap menu 
  5. Select Delete link.

You can also mute notifications, or leave or delete a chat.