After you create your form and send it out, you can view the responses in 3 different ways.

View a summary of your responses

1. To quickly see how many users filled out your form and to view their responses, click the Responses tab.

2. If you’d like respondents to also see the summary:

a. Click Settings  > Show respondents a link to: section.

b. Check the See summary of responses box.

c. Click Save.

View responses in Sheets

If you have a spreadsheet for your responses, you can see all of them in Google Sheets by clicking View responses in Sheets on the Responses tab in Forms. You can even watch responses appear in real time!

When you’re in Sheets, you can also view a summary of your responses by clicking Form > Show summary of responses.

View and download responses as a CSV file

To export responses so you can analyze them in other software or spreadsheet programs, you can download them as a CSV file.

In Forms on the Responses tab, click More actions (the 3 dots) > Download responses (.csv). In Sheets, click File > Download as > Comma-separated values.

Manage responses

You can limit people to submitting one response. You can also decide when you want to stop collecting responses.

  • Limit people to one response: On the Forms menu bar, click Settings , check the Can submit only 1 response box, and click Save.
  • Stop collecting responses: Done with your survey? On the Responses tab, click the Accepting Responses switch to close your form to new responses. You can click it again if you need to re-open your form.