Inserting an Email Signature in GMail (*this must all be done from a non-mobile browser)

  1. Right-click the link below and choose “Copy link URL

  2. Return to your open GMail tab and go into your email “Settings” (located in the drop down menu, when you click on the cog icon at the top right of the page).

  3. Scroll down to “Signature

  4. Click on your FCS email address, and enter your contact information as follows:

    1. Your name

    2. Your title

    3. Friends’ Central School

    4. Your FCS phone number

  5. Format the text as follows:

    1. Typeface: Sans Serif

    2. Text size: “Normal”

    3. Text color: medium grey (click on the medium/dark grey, third from the left on the top row of the color chart under “Text color”)

  6. Put the cursor below the contact information you just typed, hit return once to create a little space, and click on the insert “Insert Image” icon

  7. Use Ctrl+V to paste in the link you copied earlier

  8. This image should appear below the text in your signature:


  1. Highlight the image and select the "Hyperlink icon"

  2. Type

  3. Hit the “Save Changes” button at bottom of the screen.

Please note:

  • Certain FCS departments will have additional information they need to include in the email signature (School address, fax number, email address, etc.), and we ask that they format the text as requested above.

  •  The signature will not be included using the native mail app on the ipad (the standard "sent from my ipad" text). For the signature to appear when sending email from your iPad, you must use the GMail app that is downloaded from the App Store. Then in the Gmail App settings, you must turn off “Mobile signature”.

Optional: If you have an active Twitter / G+ account associated with FCS, please follow the instructions below to add images and links to those sites. Please make sure that you include a line space between these icons and the Mission and Vision image.

Twitter: twitter-20.png