There's any easy way to force users (like students) to make their own copy of a Google Doc! This eliminates the need to email or push out documents; simply edit and post this link to your website/assignment and students will be able to make their own copy of the doc. Instructions below:

1) Open the google doc you want to share.

2) Highlight the link of the doc (*hint: this link has the word “edit” at the end) 

3) Replace the word EDIT with the word COPY. The user will then be prompted to make their own copy of the file. Once they click the “Make a Copy,” button, it will make a copy of the file and add it to their Google Drive.

Remember, your sharing settings will still apply so you will need to update your share settings (set to "anyone with the link" is recommended) in order for this work. 

Watch how it works in the animation below:

Fun fact: this shortcut works with Google Sheets, Slides, and Drawings, too!