Class Migration Assistant

You can move assignments, lesson plans, and class pages from previous classes into current classes using the Class Migration Assistant. The Class Migration Assistant provides teachers with a quick tool for copying materials from one class to another or between related classes.Once materials are copied, you can modify class content, change any assinment dates, specigfic info, etc.

Please follow the instructions below to start a class migration.

1) On your Veracross homepage, scroll to the right and click Class Migrator Tool.

2) Select the blue Start a New Migration button. 

3) Select the previous "source" class; this is a past class you have taught and would like to copy materials from to an upcoming class (all of your prior classes are available for selection and organized by year).

4) Select a Destination Class; this is the current class which you want to move content to. All of your classes for the current school year  will be available for selection.

5) Review/adjust dates; All material (assignments, lesson plans, pages, etc.) will be grouped by type. Look over the dates for each material, such as assignment begin and end dates, lesson plan dates, etc. and adjust them accordingly for the destination class.

6) Start the Migration! Double check to make sure the source class and destination class are correct. Click the blue "Start Migration" button when you're ready. Important: Migrating a class cannot be easily undone, so it is important the appropriate classes are selected! 

7) After the migration is complete, go to the destination class in your portal and review the assignments, pages, etc. The destination class wil look exactly like the source class; migrated assignments in your gradebook will not display until you change their status to display, 

Additional Information

Previous Migrations

All migrations will appear in the “Previous Migrations” section on the Class Migrator page. Teachers can view the original class the materials came from, where the materials were migrated to, and the date the migration was run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the migration assistant migrate my library?
A: There’s no need to migrate the “Resource Library” because the library is per-teacher, not per-class, and persists year to year.

Q: Does the migration assistant migrate galleries?
A: No, it does not. For Pages with embedded photo galleries, any embedded photo galleries will be removed since photo galleries are not copied with the rest of the content.

Q: Can I re-run the migration assistant if I don’t like the results?

A: Running the Migration Assistant multiple times for the same class will result in duplicates for each piece of content that is copied.