Responsible Use of Technology


Friends' Central School encourages the use of technology to enhance and support student learning.  Students need to exercise responsible behavior when using technology and understand that by using any device on campus you are expected to adhere to the community values.


FCS Students Should:

    • use technology only for approved academic purposes during class time
    • be responsible for all work done on their account and device.  Thus, sharing passwords and devices is strongly discouraged. (NOTE: sharing with parents is encouraged!)
    • be aware of copyright, trademark and fair use law
    • only use school email for school/academic purposes
    • only take pictures, video, and audio of community members after permission is granted
    • check school email and LMS accounts daily

FCS Students Should Not:

    • attempt to harm, disable or remove data, devices or configurations
    • impersonate another person online.  This includes, but is not limited to: logging into an internet-based account as another person, posting material in the names of another person, or changing settings in another person's internet based account.