You can book certain rooms on campus through your FCS Google calendar. 

To get started, open your Google Calendar and click on the day you’d like to book; the specific time does not matter right now as we can edit this in a minute. After clicking on the calendar, select “More Options”.

This will bring you to a detailed view of the “event”; fill out the title, date and time of the event. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure to specify an exact start and end time of your event. Events default to 1 hour, so it is important for you to enter in the exact start and end time of your scheduled event.

On the right hand side of the page, select Rooms to see a list of available rooms. Click the dropdown arrow next to the room and then click the room name. It will then appear in the Where section of your event.

After adding the room, be sure to verify the time and date of the event and SAVE. This event will now appear on your personal calendar as well as the room calendar (others will see the book as booked during that time).