Before you return your iPad to the FCIT Department at the end of the year, please follow the steps below:

Turn Off Passcode

1) Open Settings --> Passcode --> Turn Off Passcode

2) Type in your passcode and when prompted, select Turn Off

Your passcode will now off!

Sign out of Apple ID/iTunes

1) Open Settings --> iTunes

2) Long press on your Apple ID (most often an email address) until a pop up window appears --> Select Sign Out

You will no longer see your Apple ID, indicating you are no longer signed in

Log out of iCloud/Forgot My iPad

1) Go to Settings --> iCloud. Scroll to the bottom and select Sign Out

2) If prompted, type in your Apple ID password. You will need to enter this to turn off Find My iPad

3) When asked to Turn Off News, select Delete from My iPad

You will no longer see your email address showing as signed in. This means your iPad is successfully cleared and ready to turn back into the FCIT Department!