If you are having trouble logging into FCS Veracross Student, Parent or Faculty/Staff Portal, follow these tips:

  1. Use the URL myfcs.org to get to the portal.  Don't search Google for our Veracross portal address, as the correct link is not likely to appear on the first page of results.  We made the URL something that is intended to be easy to remember.  The first time you successfully log in, you might want to bookmark the site in your browser so you won't even have to remember the URL.

  2. Use either the Chrome (preferred) or Firefox (acceptable) browser on any platform you use.  In particular, you will experience inconsistent results with MIcrosoft Internet Explorer or Edge or with Safari on either the Macintosh or IOS platform.

  3. After following Tips 1 & 2, if you get an error message saying, "Invalid username or password", click on the forgot username or password? link on the login page.  This will take you to a page that requests that you enter an email address; note that this address must be the one we have on file for you.  For students, this will always be your Gmail account, e.g., student_name@friendscentral.org.  If you don't enter the email address we have on record for you, you'll get the following error message:  "There is no account on file with this email address. Please contact your school to resolve this issue."

  4. If you've gotten this far without success, please create a ticket at the FCIT Helpdesk web site.  Creating a ticket is generally faster than trying to contact an individual staff member, as all of us monitor our ticket queue.

  • Students, faculty and staff should log into the site by clicking on the SIgn in with Google button.

  • Parents should use their already established account or establish a new account.

Please provide whatever details seem pertinent to you, especially any error message that may appear on the page.  It's most helpful if you can take a screen shot and include it with your ticket.  

Alternatively, students, faculty and staff can stop by our office:

    • On the City Avenue Campus:  We're in the FCIT Suites on the lower level of the Middle School building.

    • On the Lower School Campus:  Speak with Sue Borrero.