In adherence with Friends’ Central School’s Faculty and Staff Acceptable Use Policy, the FCS network is the portal through which all students, faculty, and staff access Friends' Central email accounts, the Internet, the School Intranet, the School website, and all shared files and folders. It is intended for educational and/or authorized job-related activities. Use of the school network for on or off campus communication is a privilege, not a right, and privileges may be revoked under extreme circumstances.

Network access, including a username (generally first letter of first name and full last name) and password to the FCS network is created upon employment at FCS, which is used to log into the network, Gmail, and Veracross.

Usernames and passwords are generally sent out to employees upon their start date. If you have started and have not received this information, please submit an FCIT helpdesk ticket.

Internet Access

Campus computers will be connected to the internet via a wired connection. 

When connecting to campus wifi, you may see a few networks listed:

  • FCS Wifi: Recommended for FCS students on the City Ace campus. Users need to sign in with their FCS email and password once every 30 days for access. 
  • FCS Staff: Recommended for FCS employees on the City Ave campus. Users need to sign in with their Windows username and password for access. (Don't know/remember your windows info? Submit a ticket!)
  • LS Net: Recommended for students and staff on the LS campus. Users will need to sign in with their FCS email and password once every 30 days to connect.
  • Bookstore: A private network specifically for the Bookstore.
  • FCS Guest: Recommended for all campus guests - not recommended for employees or students. Limits browsing and printing options on both campuses.