Posting an announcement

This is a good way to communicate with your class and give them up-to-date information. Click the “Announcement” button to display a message to your class. You can even attach files (from Google Drive and otherwise), add YouTube videos and provide links. Tip: If you assign an activity outside of Classroom (i.e. a news article to read), you can link to it in an announcement so there’s a record of it in your class.



On the announcement screen, you must enter text before you can post your announcement. Going left to right, you have options to upload an attachmentattach content you have in Google Driveadd a link to a YouTube video, and add a link to any website. If you are making this announcement across multiple classes, click the dropdown arrow next to the class name to select another course you are a teacher of. Click the POST button to send out your announcement. If you aren't ready to post your announcement, clicking the small arrow next to POST will allow you to save your announcement as a draft. Students may comment on announcements.

Posting an assignment

Creating an assignment is exactly the same as creating an announcement except for the addition of a due date and the ability to give each student their own copy of a Google Document/Sheet/Slide/Form.


  1. Enter a title for your assignment. After you have created your assignment in Veracross, you should copy your descriptive text from Veracross and paste it in the description area of your Classroom assignment.
  2. You can set a due date and an optional time. You can also set the assignment to not have a due date.
  3. Just like the announcement, you can add attachments, Google Documents, YouTube videos, and links to an assignment. You can add multiple resources to the same assignment. If you are adding a Google Document file, you have the option to allow students to only view, to edit the file(all students have access to the same file), or to give each student their own copy.
  4. Click the ASSIGN button to post the assignment. Students will get an email and notification on their iPad from the Classroom app immediately. Using the dropdown arrow, you can save your assignment as a draft if you aren't ready to post just yet.

If you are attaching a Google Form to an assignment (usually an online quiz or survey) the student receives a link in their view of the assignment that takes them straight to the Form. They click submit to finish the Form/quiz and it automatically marks them as done in Google Classroom.

How the assignment looks

This is what your assignment looks like after you post it.


  1. The time you posted the assignment
  2. The title of your assignment
  3. The descriptive text of your assignment
  4. A listing of any attachments you have added to the assignment
  5. Any class comments from both you and the students
  6. The due date of the assignment. This is editable if you need to make a change to the due date. The text turns red if the assignment is due the next day.
  7. A listing of how many students have turned in the assignment. Clicking that area takes you to a list of the students in your class and the work they have submitted.