NOTE: The error office generates for this has nothing to do with the Trust center - it indicates not enough memory of disk space.


On Wed, 24 Aug, 2016 at 10:39 AM , FCIT Helpdesk <> wrote:

Susan and Frankie should be OK now. For future reference:

Open word and excel (I don't think it affects other office 2013 apps)

Go to options, then Trust center, then Trusted locations

Choose the checkbox saying "allow trusted locations on this network"

Then "add new location". Make sure "allow subfolders" is checked as well. I had been entering drive mappings one at a time but if your paste in all mapped drives in the format below it will work. For Susan and F ankie it was:

H:\, N:\, O:\, P:\, R:\, T:\, X:\, Y:\, Z:\

and/or any other mapped drives




The default save location also needs to be set to H:\ (or whatever folder they prefer)

Go to Options, then Save and set the default there.

Also, go to "Protected View" and uncheck all 3 boxes.