Update Your Device/Apps

Power Off & Charge Your Device Each Night

  • Many devices run a check on the OS each time they power on, which is essential for performance and security 

  • Closing the lid or shuttering does not power down a device, it puts the device into sleep mode

  • Leave device off and charging overnight to ensure a full battery for each school day

Keep Tabs To A Minimum

  • Having more than 10 tabs open will slow down the speed of your Chromebook, which affects anything from browsing to video calls

  • Clear out tabs you aren’t using by clicking the X in each tab

Close External Programs and Tabs While In a Video Meeting

  • Before joining a video meeting (like Google Meet or Zoom) close out all tabs you are not using

  • Close out any external apps or programs

  • Close out any Youtube videos or music apps

Other Tips for Improving Video Meeting Quality

  • Turn wifi off on other devices you are not using (like a phone or video game console). Even while these devices are connected to wifi but not being used, they are taking bandwidth away from your device