Most of the Lenovo 500e Chromebooks have accidental damage protection and an extended warrany through Lenovo. They can be sent in for depot repair by following the instructions below.

  1. Add item details to Lenovo 500e Chromebook Repairs Spreadsheet
  2. Update item status in Asset Tiger to "Repair". Item can be found in Asset Tiger by searching for Asset Tag or serial number.
  3. Fill out Bulk Repair Template with item details
    • Machine Type/Model - 500e 1st Gen = 81ES, 500e 2nd Gen = 81MS
    • Serial Number - device serial number. Can find by pressing ALT+V on the login screen
    • Problem Description - details of problem, I alwaus say a factory reset did not resolve
    • Machine Login - leave blank
    • Attn To - Vicki Schwoebel (or your name if handling repairs)
  4. After filling out the Bulk Repair Template, download as an .xlsx file (File > Download > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx))
  5. Sign in to Lenovo's Bulk Repair Portal (Vicki has credentials)
  6. Click Create to open a new repair ticket
  7. Upload the .xlsx file and click Submit For Review
  8. Double check information is correct
    • Box Information - yes or no for a box. A box will be shipped if needed If you already have one and just need labels, select "labels only"
    • Client Due Date - leave blank
    • Ticket Summary - Copy and paste informaton provided in "Request Description" field
  9. Select Create
  10. Record Ticket Number in Lenovo 500e Repairs Spreadsheet
  11. Fillout Lenovo Services Form - print and include with device 
  12. If requesting a box, it will arrive in a few days. If requesting labels only, they will arrive via e-mail within 24 hours