You can use Google Transfer to copy your FCS Gmail and Drive contents to a personal account.

Please watch the video below or follow the step-by-step instructions posted below:


You have two options for getting copies of your google drive contents. (Note: Neither method will work from an iPad.)

Option 1 (Recommended): Use Google Takeout (Transfer) and follow the instructions to copy your drive and mail to your personal Google account

Details about the copy process

The copy process usually happens within a few hours, but it can take up to a week.

Copied files might appear in batches on your Google Account during the copy process.

When your files are finished copying, you'll get an email at your Gmail address.

Option 2: Use Google Takeout and follow the instructions to download your Google Drive contents

Important Notes:

The downloaded archive must be downloaded to a personal computer or Android tablet (It won't work on an iPad).

You cannot simply share the contents of your drive AND give your personal Google account Owner permission on Google Drive files.  

Access to your FCS Google Drive will end on 6/30, and access to FCS GMail will end 8/1. Email sent to you after your account is disabled will be returned to the sender as undeliverable.